Lower Dens: Ascoltate lo streaming integrale di “Escape From Evil”


Il 31 marzo 2015 i Lower Dens pubblicheranno per Ribbon Music il loro nuovo album “Escape From Evil”. Da oggi NPR lo propone in ascolto integrale streaming, basta andare a questo link: http://www.npr.org/2015/03/22/393565142/first-listen-lower-dens-escape-from-evil

Questa la tracklist dell’album:

  1. Sucker’s Shangri-La
  2. Ondine
  3. To Die in L.A.
  4. Quo Vadis
  5. Your Heart Still Beating
  6. Electric Current
  7. I Am The Earth
  8. Non Grata
  9. Company
  10. Société Anonyme


I Lower Dens sono Jana Hunter (Vocals, Guitar), Will Adams (Guitar), Geoff Graham (Bass, Vocals), Nate Nelson (Drums)



“Richly detailed, dark, and ethereal, [Nootropics] is a feast for sound-first listeners drawn to expressive shifts in color and tone.”  Pitchfork

“It’s like some glorious bastard progeny of Stereolab and Slowdive… Big sounding and very clever” MOJO 4*

“Absorbing, distant and effortlessly flowing” DIY 8/10

“Twin Hand Movement is a promising reinvention for Hunter, as well as a gorgeous reintroduction to her enchanting musical world” NPR Music

“[Twin Hand Momvement is an] outstanding, ambling, startlingly realized debut” Stereogum (Band To Watch)

“it’s the vocals of Jana Hunter, an apprentice of freak folk luminary Devendra Banhart, the provides Nootropics’ bewitching focal point” Q

“Nootropics is a slow burn that lingers long” Uncut 8/10

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