Roadburn Festival: Venduti tutti i biglietti

Il Roadburn Festival, che si terrà ad aprile del prossimo anno, è sold out. Aperte infatti le vendite sabato scorso, sono bastati 45 minuti per esaurire tutti i biglietti disponibili.

Vi mostriamo di seguito le parole degli organizzatori, increduli davanti al successo riscosso. Attenzione però, c’è chi ha già iniziato ad approfittarsi della situazione: in rete, infatti, è iniziata la rivendita, non autorizzata, da parte dei fortunati possessori di biglietti. Piccolo problema: il prezzo richiesto arriva fino a 350 euro.


Roadburn — Europe’s preeminent festival for stoner, doom, psychedelica and other coloured metal — sold out in just 45 minutes after the tickets went on sale last Saturday, December 13.

Walter/Roadburn comments: “We still can’t believe that the 2009 festival sold out so quickly. It was utter mayhem when the tickets went on sale last Saturday. Many of the tickets were gone before the regular Roadburn attendees realized that sales had even started. Unfortunately, about 150 to 200 tickets are currently being sold through secondary ticket outlets for prices up to € 350. We feel very badly that Roadburn can’t prevent this from happening, but it’s not against the law to resell tickets in the Netherlands. Please be very aware that some of these scalpers may sell fake tickets.”

Roadburn Festival 2009, including the inaugural European version of Neurosis’ acclaimed Beyond The Pale festival, is set to be held April 23 through April 25, at the 013 venue, Tilburg, Holland. There’s an additional afterburner event scheduled for Sunday, April 26th.

The line up for Roadburn 2009 includes Saint Vitus, Motorspycho, Amon Düül II, Cathedral, Baroness, OM, Orange Goblin, The Outskirts of Infinity, Wino, The Young Gods, Six Organs of Admittance, Rose Kemp, Mono, Asva, Shora, Wolves In The Throne Room along with Neurosis and many others.

More info about ticket sales, festival/campsite tickets and line-up will follow very shortly.

Please keep checking or myspace for updates.

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