Thao & The Get Down Stay Down: Nuovo video e sola data italiana

“Holy Roller” è il brano scelto da Thao & The Get Down Stay Down per il suo nuovo video. Guardatelo qui.
Lauren Tabak ha invece diretto il video del trailer del tour europeo della band statunitense, date un’occhiata a questo link:

Vi ricordiamo che Thao & The Get Down Stay Down saranno in Italia per un’unica data, il 3 dicembre all’Estragon di Bologna.

“We The Common would be a boundary-pusher for most acts. For Nguyen, it’s just another day at the office” – The Arts Desk

“[Thao's] most sharply written record to date…its 12 songs are smart, sometimes piercingly self- aware meditations on the creative life, teasing out the tension between life and art, the individual and the community—and perhaps most of all—security and restlessness.” – Pitchfork

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