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  • Italy in A Day


    Anno di produzione: 2014

    Nazionalità: Italia

    Durata (min.): 75


ITALY IN A DAY is the Italian edition, by Gabriele Salvatores, of a Ridley Scott project: we asked Italians to send us videos shot with any instrument (video camera, smart phones, cameras…) that were taken in the course of the 24hours of October 26th, 2013. Desires, dreams, fears, thoughts, anything they considered important that was happening that day or even, quite simply, what they saw from their house’s window.
ITALY IN A DAY is made of 44,197 received video, over 2,200 hours of images, 632 edited videos, a team of 40 selectors coordinated by editors Massimo Fiocchi and Chiara Griziotti.
ITALY IN A DAY is an emotional diary, a census of emotions and thoughts of Italians, a secular confession, the desire to share one’s feelings via images, a collective Italian psychodrama, at times gentle, angry, funny or desperate. But also a captivating reflection, sincere and without intellectual filters, on the meaning of this shared journey on planet Earth, in these years.
In the time of digital communication, of instant sharing, of the excessive power of images, ITALY IN A DAY is the first Italian experiment of a collective movie, where the narrative material (images and thoughts) are supplied by anyone who wants to participate and the organization of the story is handled by those (editors, musicians, director) who do this as a job. Not a Social Network, but a “Social Movie” made with passion, respect and sense of responsibility, without giving-up on the necessary look and the personal point of view on reality.

Montaggio: Massimo Fiocchi, Chiara Griziotti

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