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  • Deslembro

    Titolo originale: Deslembro


    Anno di produzione: 2018

    Nazionalità: Brasile, Francia, Qatar

    Durata (min.): 105


Teenager Joana feeds her soul with literature and rock. In 1979, when amnesty is granted in Brazil, she’s forced to move with her family from Paris back to the country she barely remembers. Back in the city she was born in, and where her father was forcedly disappeared, she recovers pieces of memory from a fragmented childhood in Rio de Janeiro. Not everything is real, not everything is imagination. And as she remembers, Joana must write her own story in the present tense.

Interpreti: Jeanne Boudier, Hugo Abranches, Arthur Vieira Raynaud, Sara Antunes, Eliane Giardini, Julian Marras, Jesuíta Barbosa

Sceneggiatura: Flávia Castro

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